Industrial Gas
Consultant, Expert Witness

Over 35 Years of Hydrogen and Atmospheric Gases Experience.

Dispute Resolution, Contracting and Business Development Expertise

Industrial Gas Commercial Advisors

Commercial Consulting for On-Site and Bulk Industrial Gas Supply

Our Services

  • Arbitration, Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness Services
  • Industrial Gas Contracting and Procurement Strategy Development
  • Facilitating Business Development Opportunities with the IG Majors
  • Economic Analysis of On-Site, Merchant and Green Product Supply Alternatives
  • Review of existing oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2, CDA, hydrogen or CO product supply agreements.
Industrial Gas Commercial Advisors

Industrial Gas Commercial Advisors

Our Experience

Our founder, John Peterson, has over thirty-five years of experience in the Industrial Gas Industry.

He is experienced in large scale project development and contracting, including numerous domestic and international ASU facilities, pipeline enclaves, and SMR/HyCO production plants.

John also managed the Merchant and On-Site Sales organizations on the U.S. Gulf Coast, as well as the Western USA, for the world's largest industrial gas supplier.

He is an experienced corporate and industrial gas expert witness, successfully navigating several large-scale arbitrations, dispute resolutions, and settlement agreements over the course of his career.

John's background as a Chemical Engineer, air separation facility manager, and pipeline product manager lend technical credibility to complex commercial negotiations.

Industrial Gas Commercial Advisors

Our Mission

The Industrial Gas Business is complicated, perhaps more complicated than it should be.  

The contracts may be long term in nature, especially for on-site facilities, and may specify fifteen to twenty-year initial terms.  A mistake during contracting can potentially impact an organization and a key part of its supply chain for decades.

As your industrial gas consultant, our goal is to help our U.S. and Canadian clients develop favorable product supply agreements with their Industrial Gas Suppliers (IGS's) from both economic and contractual perspectives.

And in those circumstances, when an existing contract is under dispute, use our consulting and expert witness services to buttress your case in dispute resolution and/or arbitration.