Industrial Gas Contract Negotiation

At IGCA, our extensive experience with handling industrial gas contract negotiations will help you consider a wide variety of aspects that are usually detailed within the product supply agreement. Our services typically involve providing assistance with new merchant, bulk, or on-site agreements that are medium- to long-term and focused on large supplies.

In general practice, bulk agreements typically last between three to seven years, while on-site agreements can last 15 to 20 years. Agreements with these kinds of extended durations can often contribute to potential problems down the road, as issues not contemplated at the time of the contract negotiation arise. When negotiating agreements regarding bulk and on-site services, the perspective of thinking years beyond when an agreement is first executed is especially important.

Our industrial gas contract negotiation services consider numerous terms that should be evaluated to yield a balanced long-term agreement. These clauses include but are not limited to:

  • Logistics optimization for delivery of the product, factoring any interruptible instances of supply, specification flexibility of the quality of product, and transportation escalation procedures
  • Requirements provisions for product growth or new product opportunities
  • Uncertain or “lumpy” demand, and how such use patterns impact pricing and supplier obligations
  • Renewal provisions that compensate for any necessary service or equipment modifications that may be warranted in the future
  • Dispute resolutions provisions and guidelines to address unforeseen events in the agreement

Our industrial gas contract negotiation services will review your situation and offer advice as appropriate. Contact us today for additional information. The first consultation is provided at no charge.